5 easy ways to save the planet while you bonk

In Sex Tips on September 15, 2008 at 9:08 pm
Taking advantage of morning wood saves energy all around.

Taking advantage of morning wood saves energy all around.

 Okay, there’s ways to go green sexually that take some effort -spending more money on the all-natural, all-vegan toys, condoms and fetish gear, or spending more time on sending old toys off to the recycler and researching the store you buy from. Blah blah, what a way to get turned off from getting turned on.

I say this because someone I know -let’s call her Sex Karma Kate- spent the weekend coming to the inane conclusion that she had to be soooo green in her sex world that she was only going to buy jade dildos and lubricants so organic they are considered perishable. Kate didn’t have money for lunch. Go figure.

So I’m going to help those of us who want to be green on a budget. Five EASY AND CHEAP ways to save the planet while having sex. Here we go!

1. Turn out the lights or do it to natural light – It’s gone full circle! Sex in the dark is good again! Have enough self esteem to do it with the lights on, but don’t waste electricity and turn that light off. Natural light, moonlight or candle light makes sex sexier anyway. What’s better than sex at sunrise? Nothing I tell you. Nothing at all.

2. Practice creative restraints recycling – Don’t spend an arm and a leg to restrain the other arm and leg. Bondage gear is a sex accessory must-have, but why get those leather cuffs and crops when you can play fetish 50’s with some old men’s ties from the thrift store and a wooden spoon.

3. Lube au natural – There’s two lubricants that are even more organic than organic lubricant. They are saliva and sexual arousal. I think that’s self explanatory, so I’ll leave it at that.

4. Get your toys from the pantry – My dear colleague Autumn over in Product Development did a blog about this. Go here to read it. I won’t even try to improve on this exhaustive household hump list.

5. Shower/bathe together – You save water!

  1. Love the content! Love all of the tips.

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