My night at the Free Speech Coalition Campaign Bash or “Nina Hartley likes my tie”

In Uncategorized on October 15, 2008 at 11:34 am

I just got back from Free Speech Coalition’s Campaign Bash and it was all I hoped and more. I arrived at Universal, and as soon as I got in the elevator I was giddy. My elevator companions were a combination of families heading out to City Walk -baby strollers, bickering kids- and Bash patrons donned in black tie attire. I felt a surge of energy. Only a few hundred of us knew that among the big studio film merchandising and family-oriented celebration of entertainment, there was another large industry nestled in there, celebrating a completely different world, a strikingly different entertainment. The world of adult novelty and adult entertainment.

The red carpet was extensive and had all of adult novelty’s elite, pioneers of the industry who fought politics and police to get us young ‘uns the right to fuck whoever and whatever we want. After a little silent auction shopping (I was so close to buying a gorgeous bracelet and a Scarface poster…ohhh so close), I sat down and met some great people while eating some hearty food. Chi Chi La Rue hosted and made me want to spit out my halibut a few times (from laughter AND disgust AND shock over a fish joke). And the highlight for me was Nina Hartley telling me she loved my tie. Wow. The most stunning adult star/sex activist in the WORLD likes MY TIE! Last time I was that star struck, Johnny Depp was asking me a question…I don’t recall answering him. The good news, is i got my bearings just enough to say “oh wow, thanks! Thanks!”

The evening was fun, classy, and enlightening. The theme was the political world, so the bartenders had their favorite politician on their nametags and life size images of our candidates were available for photo ops. And the speeches matched the theme with stories of pioneers in the industry lobbying, protesting, voting, and even spending time in jail to get this country closer to true freedom of speech as well as freedom in the bedroom. I stood often for ovations and occasionally wiped a tear for the struggles past and present in our industry and state: Prop 8, free speech, 2257 compliance, etc. We have gotten so far and have so far to go and this industry is so full of passion for our most fundamental American right.

The evening inspired me and made me proud to be part of adult novelty. It’s a little known fact that this industry is full of intelligent and hard working activists. So I’ll say it. You and I have a group on our side when we want to enrich our sex lives. This group is like a clan of superheroes. The world sees them as simple entrepreneurs -dildo peddlers and pornographers. But when a villain attacks, these people fly to our rescue, fighting for our rights to have sex our way.

  1. Amen Sister! We need to stand up and be counted. After all, if we don’t speak up for others, who will be left to speak up for us?

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