I told you I’d check the vegetarian sex thing…

In Uncategorized on February 7, 2009 at 3:45 am

Okay, so even though I find vegetarians particularly sexy…(because as we saw in the PETA ad, they LOVE their veggies), I’m not quite sure vegetarians have better sex…so I did some casual research and here is what I found:

1. ANTI-VEGGIE: They may not want to hump your meat. Zinc deficiency is common with vegetarians because they avoid meats that have zinc and eat whole grains and beans that interfere with the body’s absorption of zinc. Those who supplement with pills, pecans or pumpkin seeds are fine. So if you meet a hot vegetarian, seduce them with some pecan pie. Mmmm, sexy zinc boosting, vegetarian turning oning pecan pie.

2. PRO-VEGGIE: We all see the commercials. Viagra is on the rise because ED is on the rise. One in four men (in the US) experience a droopy head before they hit 60 years old. Well, guess what that may be from? Soft penis can very well be from rock hard arteries. And a well balanced vegetarian diet can help your blood flow to the right places.

That’s the biology answers. But here’s what you should really be thinking about in this heated SuperBowl debate:

1. ANTI-VEGGIE: Post-coital snacks fridge run will not include pizza and cold chicken. This is a huge disappointment.

2. PRO-VEGGIE: Foreplay will be as good for you as a V8. Imagine the broccoli, celery, carrots, and tomatoes you will consume for frisky fun. The same can be said about swallowing.

  1. Quite interesting, thank you.
    Vegetarians are.. A little strange people to me.

  2. Ok, the name of your blog TOTALLY wins. SO RAD. Ok, i feel i have to weigh in here… I’ve been a veggie, i’ve been a non-veggie, i’ve dated (read: given head to) veggies and non-veggies. Vegetarian men have really clean tasting and smelling cum. And armpits by the way. They are lean and sexy with low body fat which means sexy visible muscles – if that sort of thing turns you on. Non veggie guys are hit or miss: sometimes they smell good (I’m talking about armpits here) and sometimes they taste good. (Right now I’m not referring to armpits, but AM referring to cum). So… i think it boils down to: who do you love. Have sex with the person you love wether they are veggie or not.

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