Eco-Sex: The Fetish that Saves the World

Aside from making sure a styrofoam dildo is never made, Justina Walford works hard at learning and communicating all she can about eco-friendly sex. Being a true Aquarian she is far from eco-militant and finds the middle ground between a zero carbon wet spot (saliva and an organic carrot) and complete disregard for all existence (leather vibrator that runs on fossil fuels). 

Only a few years ago, people have played with fire when playing with sex toys and sex aids -almost literally. Lubricants and toys were not regulated by the government and the industry did what they wanted by just adding “for novelty use only.” But as the industry grows, consumers are wiser, shoppers are more discerning. Now, we are seeing manufacturers take matters in their own hands and regulate themselves. Topco Sales is only one of the manufacturers willing to take health and environmental standards seriously and impose on themselves not only an FDA registered facility, but also do RoHS and WEEE testing to make products meet standards around the world.

Now it’s your turn. Learn about sex toy materials and sex cosmetics ingredients. Find out and buy not only what is good for you, but also good for the planet you live on.

  1. check out for vegan sex toys.

    there is sensualvegan too, but karmasm offers more.

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